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  • Anita Grant

    "If it's an ingredient I will not put in my body, it's one I will not put on my body." - Anita Grant

    How can you take better care of your skin and hair except with products that are so pure that you almost can eat them? The hair and skin care is:

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  • Beauty Pillow

    The Beauty Pillow is a satin pillowcase with the advantage that it won’t draw moisture out of your skin and hair while sleeping.

  • Blended Beauty

    Confidence in your hair is more than just beautiful. When a child or a woman feels comfortable with the lure that grows on her head, she is freed from the burden of uncertainty and has more room to focus on the other important things in her life. Beautiful hair can been a liberating experience!

  • CurlFormers

    The best way to curl your hair without heat damage! The CurlFormers are easy to apply using a special hook. Optionally, you can process the accelerator by using the softhood and hairdryer.
    Beautiful curls without damage! Who does not want that!

  • Denman

    Suitable for all types of curls. Founded in Ireland in 1972. Denman has made a name in the hairdressing world with their high quality brushes.

  • HairFX

    Want a different colour, but you don't want to damage your hair? Use HairFX her chalk! Perfect for a night out with different hair. If you do it properly sealed with hairspray and tie your hair up with a cloth around it, it can remain for days! Until the next time you wash it.

  • Ikoo

    The Ikoo is a sturdy brush for the ambidextrous, with short and long teeth without nodules. For easy and painless disentanglement. Innovative high quality hair styling products.

  • ISO Beauty

    Innovative high quality hair styling products.

Showing 1 - 9 of 20 items