About CurlyStuff

"Our hair is so beautiful, it deserves only the best."

CurlyStuff is a close-knit community for those with a love of frizz and curl. A place where we give each other tips and tricks. You can also find tutorials and fun facts such as sharing your "bad" and "good" hair days.

CurlyStuff is above all the perfect place where you can browse and shop for the right products for your hair! Orders placed by 10 PM will be delivered to you by the next day. Always low shipping costs.

CurlyStuff has a wide range of super brands, one very well-known in the Netherlands, and some other lesser known names, but all proved to be great for your hair. As always, all products are free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil and sulphates.

"A place where the love for frizzy and curly, meet the right products."

To locate the products that fit your hair perfectly, simply look under the headings of "Kinks, Coils and Curls." When you click on it you will immediately enter the page with the information and products to fit your hair. This way you’ll never buy the wrong products!

Proper care for good hair naturally begins when you're at a young age. That’s why we also have selected Curly Stuff for Kids (hyperlink) . Especially For the “Shorties” it is important that they are using healthy items on their heads and on their skin as well.

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My story.

My journey began a long time ago. I was much younger and in that time I relaxed my hair. I thought it was great, because I wanted to show its length. I could see that this was not the right treatment for my hair, the same for flat ironing it. I realized that I was doing everything wrong. I dyed my hair in bright colours, that resulted in breakage and hair loss. Finally, I went to my favourite hair stylist Rosita Richland and chose to have the "Big Chop". At that time, Rosita said something that triggered my awakening: "Everyone is free to choose. Whether you treat it chemically or not. After all it is your hair. However, it is important to know why you chose to do that. "

"Everyone is free to choose what they do with their hair. After all it is your hair. "

Does it come from an imposed ideal of beauty? Do we do it because it makes us feel that we belong? Why do you relax it?  What is your motivation? Do you straighten your hair because of the status quo that is in the media? Is it connected to something we historically carry from our past? They got me thinking. Am I trying to look like someone I'm not? Truth is, we all have great hair naturally, and we can do a wide variety of styles with it. What I know, was how to bring out the beauty of my own natural hair. I actually have beautiful curls when I come out of the shower. Unfortunately I could never figure out how to keep it in that condition. So quickly to just throw it in a pony-tail or flat iron it. After Rosita cut my hair short, she used Blended Beauty, a product with respect and love for my hair. A new world opened up to me.

"My hair does not need a relaxer. It's not stressed out!
- Unknown "

Curly hair is so great, you can do everything with it. A wash 'n go, blowouts, twists (outs), braids, curls chunky, stretched and even blow dry straight or flat iron at times. Whatever you choose! I saw the come up of the natural hair movement, which shared my views . At the time that I discovered it,  I shouted "YES!!" in my enthusiasm and pride. It's a real awakening, and I decided to do something with it.

The foundation of CurlyStuff comes from our reality! I hope your experience with Curly Stuff will be a lot of fun. Do you miss any products? Do you have ideas to share? Or want to write a piece for our tips and tricks? Send me an E-Mail me at info@curlystuff.nl or send a message via Instagram or Facebook.