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  • Green Tea & Chamomile Shampoo is a sulphate free and mild shampoo designed to leave your hair clean without drying out your scalp and it cleanses without irritating. Content: 250ml Suitable for Kinks, Coils & Curls.

    € 14,01
  • The Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo is specially developed to protect your hair against external influences. The moisturizing ingredients make it very suitable for dry hair and curls. It is free of sulphates and parabens, suitable for damaged hair and does not cause "build up." Content: 300ml Suitable for Coils & Curls.

    € 18,99
  • This sulphate-free cleansing cream is like a cross between a shampoo and a conditioner. It removes build-up of foam, but is also nourishing and facilitates combing. Content: 240ml Suitable for Kinks & Coils.

    € 16,49
  • Sulfate-free cleanser that does not make your hair heavy. This mild foaming shampoo is completely different than the shampoos you might already know. It cleanses your hair with the mildest cleaners available and gives a creamy foam. It makes your hair clean, but it does not strip your hair of its natural oils, which means your hair looks already  amazing...

    € 14,03
  • A mild and moisturizing alternative for shampoo. Beautiful curls, even on washday! This cleansing cream is more like a co-wash. It cleanses your hair without too much foam and makes your hair soft, including the added avocado oil. That is why, the cleansing cream is best for thick and dry hair that could use some extra moisture. Also suitable for colored...

    € 14,03
  • The Stimulate and Cleanse shampoo is sulfate free, specially designed for dry, fluffy curls. It is gentle enough for regular use. The blend of aloe vera, ginger and vegetable proteins making the greasy scalp clean without stripping your hair. Hair responds well to shampoo with a low pH value, and this shampoo ensures that your hair is clean and soft....

    € 8,25
  • A clarifying shampoo to remove build-up without stripping the hair of its natural oils. While allowing the moisturizing ingredients for hydration. This shampoo is gentle enough for regular use and makes your hair soft and shiny. Content: 384ml Suitable for Kinks, Coils & Curls.

    € 14,03
  • These co-wash make it easy for you to detangle your hair, light formula namely lure pulls you quickly, moisturizes and provides the perfect 'slip' which makes detangling a breeze. Once rinsed, allow to set for at least 24 hours to have the full effect of this co-wash! And even then you keep your hair satin soft and bulky for at least another week . Use...

    € 15,66
  • Urban Africa Shea Butter Black Soap is an authentic and traditional handmade soap from Ghana, based on 100% natural ingredients. This soap contains no chemicals, preservatives, colors or fragrances. Shea Butter Black Soap is highly concentrated and economical to use. The addition of unrefined Shea Butter Soap is very mild and suitable for every hair and...

    € 7,02
Showing 1 - 9 of 13 items