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Root2Tip's is a best-selling product in the UK, a natural hair brand that started in a London kitchen. They provide more than just products, they give you great hair!

Root2Tip does not only have great products for kinks, coils and curls, but can also be used if you wear your hair in locs. The gentle natural hair care line handles the sensitive scalp well.

Root2Tip also has special products for children, both Afro and mixed Euro / Afro hair. The Kinki Coili Curli line of natural products has been developed with love and passion, it really works! Especially the Honey Rain Juice detangler. This one is a straight hit, no more tears when it is time to comb the hair.

Root2Tip offers the very best, premium quality, natural product with many organic ingredients that are great for the whole family.

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  • The Stimulate and Cleanse shampoo is sulfate free, specially designed for dry, fluffy curls. It is gentle enough for regular use. The blend of aloe vera, ginger and vegetable proteins making the greasy scalp clean without stripping your hair. Hair responds well to shampoo with a low pH value, and this shampoo ensures that your hair is clean and soft....

    € 8,25
  • These co-wash make it easy for you to detangle your hair, light formula namely lure pulls you quickly, moisturizes and provides the perfect 'slip' which makes detangling a breeze. Once rinsed, allow to set for at least 24 hours to have the full effect of this co-wash! And even then you keep your hair satin soft and bulky for at least another week . Use...

    € 15,66
  • The Quench My Thirst Moisture Hair Creme - Anti-Breakage Crème is thirst-quenching for your dry hair. If you have curls, then this lovely light and rich cream gives definition to your curls, it moisturizes and keeps frizz under control. The cream reduces hair breakage and contains red palm oil, coconut milk and castor oil, nourishing your hair, but...

    € 14,01
  • This magical light creme wraps strands with moisture and delivers nourishment that makes kiddy hair more manageable. Made with Red palm fruit, Coconut and Organic Shea Butter . All natural ingredients that your child’s hair will love! Content: 150ml Suitable voor links, coils and urls

    € 14,03
  • 100% natural. Activates, energizes, stimulates, nourishes and makes it grow. This powerful formula is based on Ayurvedic hair extracts like amla, Brami and Murraya Koenigij, which are known for their energizing, nourishing and thickening properties. Content: 60ml

    € 11,53
  • In Shea Butter there is Triple M Miracle Moisture Milk, a super hydrating blend of the best ingredients from nature. Along with Jojoba and Olive Oil for dry, dull and frizzy hair to nourish and smooth and soft. Content: 200ml Suitable for Kinks, Coils & Curls

    € 18,14
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items